Catherine Sanderson

Catherine is an American, New York based artist currently working on methods of reappropriation. Upon graduating from university, she jumped into a career in fashion art departments, only to find two years later that the job wasn’t right for her.

Three Stories

A daily newspaper’s front page is entirely oversaturated with various types of information, the majority of which goes virtually unrecognized before being subconsciously consumed by its readers. This information exists on the page in many forms: texts, imagery, lines, frames and, moreover, the simultaneous and continuous interactions between these elements.

Three Stories offers visual insight into the culturally loaded signs’ domination of each newspaper. The now comparatively empty page encourages a deeper consideration of the elements that remain. The work draws attention to the habitually overlooked subtleties and the persistent framework. The role of these components in the making of news and cultural habit and perception is made apparent.

Each piece of Three Stories was chosen from one of the top twenty-five most circulated American daily newspapers. A reading of the same stories told across visually deconstructed papers asks viewers to take on the role of semiotician and to diverge on an active and critical consumption of the news.

“The frame is simultaneously the basis upon which we begin to talk about the work and the problematic articulation between inside and outside that means the work is never clearly distinguishable from what supports it.” Jacques Derrida

(Some of the images displayed here are the copyright of the original photographers / archives, and are reproduced here under fair use.)